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We're Hostie, the next generation of vacation rental management. We partner with local Superhosts and owners around the world to deliver you the perfect vacation rental property every time. Hostie is different! We offer stress-free bookings because that's how vacations should be. We understand that plans change and although many booking websites collect the money directly from the guest we want to do our best to help you when the unforeseen happens.


This is why we offer "Hostie Credits". If your future travel plans change you can use these credits with us towards future accommodations and guess what, it never expires! Now if only all airlines would offer credits without penalties :) What else do you get? I am happy you asked! Our professional hospitality team, work with the local Superhosts 24/7 to answer inquiries or assist you if you have a problem. We love helping guests! If you have any questions about our properties or need help finding one, please do reach out.




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